The William King Museum of Art is a wonderful asset to our Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee region and is located in Abingdon, Virginia.


The Museum is extremely well managed in every respect by Executive Director Betsy K. White, author of Great Road Style and Backcountry Makers, excellent books about the Decorative Arts Legacy and Artisan History of our region.

On December 3, 2017 the Betsy K. White Cultural Heritage Gallery was opened.

Betsy K White, Executive Director of WKMA,
Dr. John Lentz, President of the WKMA Board of Trustees,
Robert Leath, Vice President of Collections and Research and Chief Curator of the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts.


And here are a few snapshots of the grand opening of the Cultural Heritage Gallery.  Click on any image to start the carousel.

And the William King Museum of Art is so much more than a museum.

The Van Gogh Outreach Program takes Art to children in the Virginia Coalfields and employs teachers in the process. http://www.williamkingmuseum.org/learn/van-gogh-outreach/

Another innovative aspect of the Museum is its Studio Artists. http://www.williamkingmuseum.org/visit/artiststudios/

Here are some photographs from the Museum’s Panoramic Gallery when it featured past and present Studio Artists in August 2013.  All the Art is copyrighted by the Artist who created it.

Click on any image to start the carousel.

And more Art can be seen here:  https://joepippin.com/artists/

I volunteered in early 2012 to be the Museum’s event photographer to help promote the Museum.

I took over 1,700 photographs of exhibits, staff head shots, classes, receptions, fund raisers, and special projects.

I worked with world-class Artist and Curator Leila Cartier.   http://leilacartier.com/

Ms Cartier understood the Power of Photography and how it could help the Museum.  And she also understood Photography is an Art.

And I got to know folks like Museum President Steve Morris, a guy I connected with because of our mutual backgrounds in Coal, and Museum Board member Polly Mallory who owned a fine art gallery.  http://www.malloryfineart.com

Here are a few snapshots I took to promote our wonderful Museum.

Click on any photo to start the carousel.

Birdie Boone Reception  8-30-12


Aboriginal Art  4-26-12


Dining Fit for a King 3-8-12

Newcomers  5-17-12

Alpha Donation  5-17-12


Mistletoe Market  11-2-12

William King Museum Staff and Studio Artists  2012